Elsie Maimela

Elsie Maimela

(Currently employed as accountant at Deutsche Lufthansa Aktiengesellschaft South African branch)

After working at MBH since 2009, I completed my articles in 2012. My duties were as follow: bookkeeping, VAT returns, payroll and employee tax returns, management reports, financial statements, ratio analysis and annual audits to name a few.

I now am a qualified SAIPA Professional Accountant, I am registered as a tax practitioner and I am currently in my last year of Honours in Internal Auditing with UNISA.

MBH was a like a home to me, I was taught to be the best person I could be. I have learned a lot about myself and accounting as a whole, MBH is a team of young, vibrant, hardworking, dedicated and goal driven individuals.

I will never forget MBH and the lessons I learned while working there.

Thato Ntsie

Thato Ntsie

(Currently employed as Retail Compliance Office at MTN)

It was just the 1st week and already I had managed to bag 3 brownie points with my current employer. Their workman’s compensation Letter Of Good Standing had expired and as I passed the corridor I mentioned it to my HR supervisor, he was impressed that nobody had noted it and immediately notified the relevant department. I had also cleaned after myself after lunch, another supervisor noted this and told my immediate senior and lastly on my way to lunch, as it being a norm at MBH, I screamed to everyone “ off to the shops does anybody need anything?’ a lot of people were amazed and thanked me for my kindness.

These are but a few of the lessons I had learned from MBH. Not only did I grow professionally, but in my personal life as well. Margie always said to us…. Take Pride in what you do.. Those words encourage me to want to make a success of everything I put my hands to, well I try. From my dodgy driving which was perfected while working there and the motivation & encouragement from senior management to all employees, we were all students and worked hard at furthering our studies.

Amongst other things I was taught how to take initiative and responsibility for the work I produced. Training in the mornings was a great learning ground and platform to discuss issues and together as a team develop deadlines and measures of how to meet our targets. It also helped us to keep abreast of any recent developments and changes in our profession. In simple terms, it kept us ahead of our peers.

On the professional side I learned how to plan and conduct audits, how to compile audit files, how to complete individual and company income tax returns, bookkeeping which included reconciliations, salaries, petty cash, monthly vat and PAYE returns, debt collection, compiling an asset register and other secretarial work. We worked hard but also played hard, social events, team building exercises and birthday celebrations are part of MBH’s culture. MBH was a home away from home.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to have worked for such an amazing company and it had taught me valuable life lessons...